Glass – an extraordinary material

Glass is a material with a long history. By about 5000 BCE, natural glass called obsidian, was used as a working material. Blades, wedges and scrapers were fashioned and used to make other objects for daily use.

Glass was fashioned into containers in Egypt from approx. 1450 BCE. The Egyptians were the ones who first discovered how to make glass.  From that point on, glass making developed in leaps and bounds. In the Roman Empire, villas for the upper-classes were outfitted with window glazing. This was made possible by the invention of the glass blowing pipe in approx. 200 BCE.

This means that the first center for glass production arose during the 11th century in Venice and reached its fluorescence between the 15th and 17th centuries. Glass makers at this time settled on the island of Murano. And today Murano glass is still synonymous with extraordinary glass art. And this is how glass production continued to develop through the centuries until today.

The Schäfer Glas GmbH company, is now making its third generation of different products out of glass. Our products are made predominantly through a glass molding process with the greatest care and according to tradition. Long-standing experience, quality consciousness and innovative products are the cornerstones of our success. We constantly develop our production process to continuously improve our good market standing. The fascination that comes from working with this extraordinary material is the driving force behind our company.

There are many different types of glass. In making our products, we predominantly use soda-lime glass (for ordinary use) or borosilicate glass, which because of its chemical and heat resistence is among the glasses employed especially in the fields of medicine and chemistry. Our borosilicate balls, which we produce ourselves from as small as 1 mm, are known around the world and are distinguished by their outstanding quality.

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