Areas of glass as a packaging material – Part 1

 Areas of use for glass

Nowadays, glass is an inseparable part of our daily lives. Besides being used as glass balls and borosilicate glass, there are many areas where glass as a material can be used. For example, about 40% of all beverages are „packaged“ in glass. The beverage industry is thus the largest area for glass packaging. Most beer, wines and spirits come almost exclusively in glass bottles. The manufacturers of these types of products can be found in the so-called glass container industry. With our special moulding technique, it is not possible to produce glass bottles or similar products. The most transparent glass is not only used in the beverage industry as packaging material but it is also used in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries. Therefore, recyclable materials play an important role in the area of food packaging.

Glass packaging is in high demand

For consumers, glass packaging is in high demand. This has already been proved in past studies. More than two third of Germans think that glass does not affect the taste and the cleanness of packaged product. Therefore, Glass is also the safest packaging material when it comes to the issue of health.

Foodstuffs in glass

Beverage industry relies on glass as a packaging material and food industry has been using this type of packaging for decades. The decisive arguments here are the first-class protection and absolute neutrality of taste. Glass container industry offers food manufacturers a wide variety of packaging containers for different uses.

Glass – the ideal packaging material for foodstuffs

Due to its unique properties, glass is the ideal packaging material for various products. Be it for fruits, jam and vegetables or for sausage, sauces, mustard, mayonnaise, etc  – Glass is the ideal packaging material in all cases. Another argument for the high acceptance and confidence in glass as a packaging material is that it is used for packaging baby food. In today’s blog, we looked at Glass as packaging material in food industry. In our next blog, we will talk about other possible areas of use.

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