Borosilicate glass spheres

Through decades of experience, knowhow and the continuous development of our production techniques in the manufacture of our small borosilicate glass balls, Schäfer Glas has earned a good reputation worldwide. Our customers appreciate our good service and the high quality of our products. The production of these small borosilicate glass balls starting from a size of 1 mm, requires partly, in this case, a process of several extensive production steps. Glass as a material, especially borosilicate glass, is always presenting us with ever greater challenges, which always inspires us. We will of course not explain our know-how or manufacturing process in more detail here, but deal with the diverse uses of our little borosilicate glass balls.

Possible applications of borosilicate glass balls

The application possibilities are, in the first instance, dependant on which size tolerances are specified. The cut precision of the glass balls (e.g. tolerance of + / – 0.02 mm) are, naturally, used for quite different purposes than borosilicate glass balls with tolerances in the roundness of e.g. + / – 0.2 mm. Thus, the chemical durability permits the use of these glass balls even in aggressive and corrosive liquids (more about this in our „Glass – its Composition and Properties“ blog). General examples of the use of balls of borosilicate glass are mentioned below:

  • Use as grinding and dispersing balls,
  • In ball bearnings
  • As mixing, valve or locking balls
  • Filling or beam balls
  • Stirring balls in insulin vials
  • Special applications in the fields of medicine and optics
  • Further application uses of glass

We will continue to optimize our production processes in order to responsibly and environmentally make use of the available resources in the future.

Glass spheres from Schäfer Glas – our know how for satisfied customers

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Source: Schäfer Glas
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