Glass beads – multiple applications

Glass beads play a prominant role in our wide-ranging assortment. Just the variety of possible applications are an indication these days that glass is an important component of daily life. If we look at our assortment, it’s easy to miss the smallest glass beads left in our production sites all over the world. Each one has exactly a 1 mm diameter and we make them in Germany following a traditional process. The scale of these small borosilicate beads can also be expanded – 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm etc. There are several possible applications for these beads. Among other things, they are found in ball bearings, as a mixing ball for insulin, as a ball valve in a dosing pump and in dispensers in the grocery and cosmetics industries, etc. Our outstanding quality and precision is valued around the world.

But the small borosilicate glass beads or even the lime-sodium glass, are not the only things in our assortment. We also produce larger glass balls up to a diameter of 150 mm in different colors and designs. These glass balls are available with blind holes or through holes, or without holes. Being able to meet the demands of our customers is one of our strengths, so hole diameter and depth are not a problem for us at all. These balls are applied in stair rails, door handles, and curtain rod end caps, etc. and are available in many lovely colors. Whether red, green, light blue, dark blue, yellow, orange or …. – our very high quality turns every object that uses our glass balls into something really eye-catching.

Our glass balls are also available in different sizes as bubble glass balls, i.e. so that the inner part of the bead has larger and smaller air bubbles. These and all glass balls can also be furnished with a display case. This allows the beads to be used as decoration or as an eye-catcher at the base of rails. We also offer half glass balls that can be used in interior design, for example. These half balls are also available in many different sizes and colors.

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