Crystal balls and Occultism

Crystal balls and Occultism  (= the study of hidden things, Secret Sciences) are two concepts that arewith each other formany centuries. As traditional requisite for Occultism crystal balls among other things have long been used for clairvoyance. While there is no scientific basis for the view of events the fascination of the mysterious crystal balls is unbroken.

So it should work best

Full moon is  supposedly the best time for clairvoyance. Run lukewarm water on the crystal ball for 3 minutes (for cleansing) and then expose it to the full moon irradiation the whole night. According to the clairvoyant, it is possible to achieve the clearest and best result.

The History and the Origin

 It is assumed that the main origin of crystal balls is the so-called hemispherical reading stones, which since the 13th century were made of quartz (rock crystal), or other transparent minerals. These served primarily as a reading aid. Letters were enlarged with the formed glass. With crystal ball as an occultic instrument, the hidden should be made visible. In earlier centuries when there were no technical means of producing large glass bodies,  these balls were small and polished crystal balls. Today, however, transparent solid crystal balls are mainly used to look into the future.

A look into the crystal ball

 Crystal ball serves as a communication medium in clairvoyance. That, which is to be seen with a look into your inner being, should serve as an interpretation basis of non direct concrete, past, future or spatially distant events. The so-called soothsayer transmits the appropriate interpretation to the questioner. Intense fixing of a shiny object is also a very good method for inducing hypnosis and trance. In trance or hypnosis, attention is often very strongly focused on an object or on a person. This can be a way the „prophet“ or the „prophetess“ can react better to non-verbal signals of the information-looking person to deliver a suitable prophesy to the person. Moreover, among esoterics, there is a widespread belief that an intense look into a crystal ball promotes concentration and can help in visualising specific events. Crystal ball is very often used in meditations.

Superstition, myths and mysticism

Paranormal „vision“ from a crystal ball is derived from centuries-old superstition of crystal vision or mirror vision. A look into a transparent object (e.g. into a rock crystal) or a reflective surface (mirror, water surface) should help make the hidden visible. Even in old fairy tales (Brothers Grimm – Snow White, mirror, mirror on the wall  …….), the fascination and mysticism that such objects radiate were described. More on crystal balls in our Blog and at Wikipedia.

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