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From idea to finished product from glass (Part 2)

…. Continuation of  From idea to finished product from glass Part 1

The production process of the pressed glass article begins

The mould is built in to the press. Now the actual production process begins. It can be sweaty work at the furnace, with temperatures reaching up to 1300 degrees. According to the shape and size of the material of the pressed glass product, the appropriate raw glass rods must be selected. There are glass rods with different diameters. The bigger the glass article, the thicker the glass rods. The diameter of the glass rods can be as high as 44 mm. Depending on the type of glass or even the colour of glass, there are different requirements to be considered when processing. The glass rods are then heated in the oven. As soon as the glass rod is soft and is suitable for the pressing operation, it can be kept in the open press. The press closes and presses the product accordingly. Throughout this process, the mould is permanently heated by flame so that you have an appropriate temperature necessary for the successful finalisation of the product. During the pressing process, there can be excess glass from the edge of the article. When the item is then pressed, the connection to the glass rod is broken with a special pair of scissors. The glass rod is then held to the heat for the next pressing operation in the oven. The pressed article is then removed with forceps from the opened mould.

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The Raw Glass Production Process

In our current blog we describe the manufacture of raw glass (lime soda glass). Normally the following raw materials are used for the glass mixture:

The ingredients change according to the type of glass being made. This list therefore only features the most important components. As soon as the batch is made, the melting begins with 3 different phases:

  • Phase 1 is the preliminary melting phase. This is when the batch is melted and homogenized
  • Phase 2 is refining  (removing gas bubbles).
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