Glass Fusion

Fusing (Fusion) is a sophisticated technology, in which various pieces of glasses are fused together. The melting temperature is among other things, dependent upon the composition of the glasses which are to be fused together. There is even the possibility of other temperature-dependent items such as metals to merge together with the glass. Glass fusion also works with colored glass powders, frits and fragments.

This method of glass processing was mentioned for the first time in the history around 2200 years ago. Through further development of the process in past centuries, new ways of processing were found. The different glass parts of matching parts are liquated with each other by pliers or also cut by a so-called glass cutter. Often the parts are then assembled up as per design (e.g. for a glass bowl). Glass powder from crushed glass plates is used to fill up any eventual gaps.

Various glass pieces are fused together at a temperature of about 780 ° – 900 ° in a so-called fusing furnace. The appropriate temperature control plays a very important role. The Glass may not flow smoothly. Certainly the individual elements must be joined with each other. The glass body expands on heating, and when cooled it contracts again. The melting process depends on the type of the glass and the glass thickness. Generally, the first process step of glass plate forming must be contained.

Then follows the next process step, in which the glass is bent, cut or deformed. For preparing a bowl a mold is used, which are often made of clay, ceramic or metal. It is important that the mold is somewhat bigger than the glass plate, since glass expands when heated and contracts during the cooling. This also raises stresses in the glass in the fusing furnace when heated again and corresponding slowly down to reduced temperature.

After the objects have cooled, they can be refined and can be optimized by grinding, engraving or sandblasting and others. In order to lend the object its own character, requirement, creative display and extraordinary ideas can be taken into account. Whether bowls, vases, picture frames, plates, fashion jewelry and art objects – Fusion is a process that offers opportunities in many ways for special objects.

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