From the idea to the finished product (part 4)

In the fourth and last part of our series From idea to finished product we are informing you about a few ways of product refining.

„Refining“ of the glass article

Can be an already processed article yet to be refined (glass refining), that is to say the example of a customer logo is applied by means of sandblasting or that special colour effects (e.g., rainbow colours, etc.) being vapour deposited. There is not only the rainbow colour effect but also a whole series of other colours. The sheer exotic names like vitrail medium, peacock, golden shadow or bermuda blue spark curiosity even more. These colour effects are especially popular in our glass pyramids. These are ideal as corporate gifts for clients or as an eye-catcher at a presentation or decorations. Any design is possible with certain easily customizable articles according to the customer’s wishes. Therefore we listen to exactly what the customer wants.

A glass ball with a blind hole

With some articles e.g. glass balls you can have a blind hole (if you want to assemble the ball on – for example – a handle on a door) drilled in. If this is the case, the ball must be examined first for whether the ball is „under pressure“. This is carried out using a specialized tension tester. Only when the ball is virtually „stress-free“, a corresponding hole can be drilled into the ball. For this a special mount is required in which the ball has to be fixed for the drilling process. The diameter and depth of the hole can be drilled according to the vision of our customers. The drill hole remains dull however after the drilling. When the article is then finally completed, checked and packed, it goes on its way to the customer for its intended end purpose.

Whether there’s an LED that goes in there for an illumination object, the ball is used for a hand grip element, glass lens for optical devices, reflectors in road construction, as a decorative object, or whatever at the end of the day, we are proud of the product that emerges, it has had a lot of effort put into it, expertise and years of experience to make the perfect design. Our products are in homes all over the world. In the last part of this topic we discuss the final steps up to the final delivery of the product. We also look into the possibilities of refining of a glass press article.

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