Decoration objects out of glass

In our product group „decoration“, we offer various products which are used mainly as decoration objects. Oftentimes, however, the one or other glass object is also used as an advertising article.

We can apply your company logo, texts or other themes on the bottom of a glass pyramid, for example, using laser technique, sandblasting or printing. Not only pyramids can be used as advertising mediums, but also glass cubes, glass rods or hemispheres. In this category, we also show you individual works of art that can be made out of glass - fantasy has no real limit here.


Decorative pyramids, glass pyramids, pyramids, decoration articles, glass decoration
Glass pyramids, decorative pyramids, glass decoration

Further glass objects

decorative glass objects
Glass decoration, glass objects, glass cylinders, glass pyramids
Glasobjekt, Glasdiamant, Glasdeko