Borosilicate Products like glass spheres and borosilicate glass beads

A raw material for special requirements

In our company we also work with borosilicate glass. This special glass is used in all instances with special requirements on the glass. One of the unique properties of borosilicate glass is that it is much harder and more resistant than normal glass. 
An important part of our inventory are the borosilicate glass beads which we produce in a variety of different sizes.

Good chemical resistance (e.g. against acids, alkalis, chlorine, etc.), high service temperature, low heat expansion with a resulting high thermal shock resistance are special properties which distinguish borosilicate glass. It even surpasses most metals in its chemical resistance.
Borosilicate glass products we produce for our clients find uses in the Automotive Industry, lighting, medical, environmental engineering, etc.

Glass beads

Borosilicate glass beads, which our company produces starting with a size of 0,5 mm, are used in many areas. They can be used for example as ball valves, metering beads, grinding balls, filling material, as well as in numerous other areas in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. A specially developed manufacturing process, high quality and great service our company offers is valued by our clients worldwide.

Our standard inventory includes 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm and other sizes are available upon request. More about glass spheres and beads

borosilicate glass beads
borosilicate skein from borosilicate glass