Company Purpose

PRIVATE SOLUTIONS Engineering offers the following services:

  • Consulting for light in general as well as lighting technology for targeted light control and special applications
  • Light calculation based on mathematical-physical models according to ergonomic and aesthetic requirements
  • Light simulations with a photorealistic representation
  • Lighting expert report according to the Austrian Trade Regulations § 134 based on international lighting standards:
    • 1. Luminaire and lamp life (warranty claims)
    • 2. Verification of lighting values: illuminance, luminous intensity distributions, glare values of luminaires, color rendering index (CRI)
    • 3. Advice on improving existing light situations (general and workplace-related)
    • 4. Concept consulting with cost estimation and time schedule

Ing. Harald Weingärtner
Sterngasse 14 | 2483 Ebreichsdorf | Österreich
Pohne: +43 660 6750864

Website: www.private-solutions.eu