Inspired by a fascinating material

The fascination which emanates fromthe versatile material glass in an incomparable manner shapes
the spirit of our company and is the motivation for our work.

Glass inspires us over and over again to shape it into new creative forms in products, which accompany us,
help us, fascinate us, and which touch our senses and reality of life every day.

Visionary thinking, responsible actions, mutual respect and an optimistic company direction are the
driving forces for our daily work.

Confidence and success - your satisfaction is our motivation.

We wish to have a long-term and trustworthy business relationship with our customers and business partners, with fair profits for both sides. Mutual respect and appreciation are important principles for us for a successful business relationship.

On the basis of traditional values such as high quality consciousness and personal commitment, we at Schäfer Glas count on progressive, future-oriented qualities in our work such as creativity, innovation, flexibility and far-sightedness toward a global orientation.

Foresight, detailed market observation and an ongoing effort to optimize our own service and development guarantee our customers access to a comprehensive spectrum for production and service.